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Found around the good man, the transfer of tangible positive energy
——Sheng Hong Group for three consecutive years sponsored "Shengze good man" selection Activities
In the afternoon of September 19th, 2016 Chinese silk is the Shengze seventeenth silk culture festival launching ceremony was held at the Shengze town style center and held the third "Sheng Hong Cup" Shengze good person "award ceremony. After the search, collection, publicity, evaluation and many other aspects, Zhang Bei, He Zhaolin, Zhou Qiang, Shen Yicheng and Du Yuzhai were awarded "benevolence" and "righteousness" and "wisdom" and "trust", "filial piety" of the Shengze good title.
It is understood that this is the Shenghong group for third years sponsored Shengze good selection activities, the activities of the town of Shengze city civilization to create, enhance the quality of the citizens, the construction of moral culture has played a good role in promoting. Shengze good selection activities to make more ordinary "good" as we are familiar with, also hope that through this way so that more ordinary people to become a good Shengze". As the town of Shengze local enterprises, Sheng Hong group is actively involved in philanthropy, in a good atmosphere for the enterprise, create a harmonious cooperation in society, called on everyone to do good things and be good mining propaganda around good deeds, spread positive energy, boost Shengze good pass beauty more.