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Group in Wujiang District in 2015 Chinese New Year gathering
Love gathered warm welcome new year
On February 10, Wujiang people's theater surging an upsurge of charitable donations, 2015 Wujiang New Year celebration will in this grand curtain, Sheng Hong group with major companies and the community of caring people love build-up, with actual donor played the first year for a prelude to love.
Gathering meeting, the district leadership Yi Bo Liang, Gao Fang Shen, Sheng Hongming, Jian Kun fan etc. attended and pass love charity, to Shenghong, including more than 10 companies were awarded medals in 2015 Wujiang District Charity Federation, vice president of the unit, executive director of the unit letter of appointment and the third Wujiang District "ten best love enterprise. As an important part of the conference, many enthusiastic charitable enterprises and units have generously took office donated placards, together for the development of Wujiang charity give a mind of their own. Tang Jinkui, vice chairman of the group on behalf of Sheng Hong group once again to the Wujiang District charity donations 5 million yuan, the company spared no effort to join the charity, to support the determination of local charities.
We hope to have more entrepreneurs, more caring people to actively participate in charity and dedication of love, for helping the poor move, to make the poor economy has, disaster has been saved, difficult to do something to help the disabled to help, to become the conscious action of the whole society. " Meeting, party secretary Yi Bo Liang to all enterprises and all sectors of the community issued a call hoping they stick to join the public welfare undertaking social responsibility, through personally for social progress to gather strong positive energy.
In recent years, Shenghong through New Year celebration will and other charitable activities such as channels, total donations to promote the development of local charity amounted to nearly billion yuan, practicing a enterprise feedback social responsibility to bear. The company will continue to be grateful for the dedication of the attitude, to fulfill a "social citizen" model to take the lead role, and actively participate in and promote local charities to better and faster development.