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The group welcomes the "open red" has won a number of honors government
February 28, the district Party committee, the district government in the Wujiang people's Theatre grandly held in the region to speed up the upgrading of the quality and efficiency of economic development of recognition of the mobilization of the general assembly. Through recognition of advanced, carry forward the typical, mobilize the whole region under hearten spirit, summon the energy, and actively take the initiative to adapt to the economic development of the new normal, in-depth implementation of the "456" strategy, accelerate the upgrading of the quality and efficiency of economic development. Shenghong group long steady development mode for the district government must, in recognition of the mobilization meeting has won a number of honors.
Over the past year, the group fully gather multiple development advantages, seize the opportunity to develop, to ensure the smooth and good operation of the five major industries. Chemical fiber, dyeing fist industry, continue to play a leading role of innovation, deepening and carry out management, technology, service and innovation, "two" application integration depth and realize the transformation of the wisdom of the industry pattern change; extension of the petrochemical industry chain upstream, and actively protect the broaden the channels and the direction of the future development of the group, in providing support group chemical fiber raw material of industry at the same time, for the group brought a sales revenue rose in the realization of comprehensive competition strength to upgrade and bounds on the overall goal of a solid step.
The convening of the recognition of the mobilization of the general assembly, the group won the district Party committee and government recognition, was awarded the title of "top 100 enterprises", "ten big tax enterprise", "innovation of science and technology advanced enterprise", "energy saving advanced enterprise" and other.