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Under the new normal release of the new vitality of the private economy Sheng Hong re nominated 500 Chinese private enterprises, ranked 29
After 2015, China's top 500 list strong release, "2015 China top 500 private enterprises" list immediately released, August 25, by the National Federation of the Council released the list show that Sheng Hong Holding Group Co., Ltd. with 7384208 million yuan revenue ranked 29th, compared to last year increased 10 ranking.
"China top 500 private enterprises" is in China and the connected scale private enterprise research based on, is a mirror of refraction in the past year domestic private enterprises development trend of that reflected from another side of private enterprises in China's economic slowdown, the downward pressure increasing on the macro environment contrarian break out of an encirclement of the confidence and determination.
2014, in the face of the complex and volatile international environment and slowdown in the domestic economy, the textile industry as the representative of China's manufacturing industry is undergoing major changes in the environment. In this context, how to understand the industrial revolution brought about by the new normal, to do a good job under the new normal addition and subtraction, a test of enterprise innovation capability and strategic level of important indicators. Shenghong group relying on self innovation capability construction, strengthen and improve the enterprise technology innovation system, gradually from traditional manufacturing transition to the "intelligent manufacturing, automation, the depth of information fusion of traditional manufacturing industry has also become a Sheng Hong group industry development important way, and in recent years investment to the advanced technology and equipment, professional R & D team training, performance excellence implementation, Sheng Hong group industrial activity was further enhanced.