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The interactive exhibition built downstream communication "bridge" four exhibition wonderful bloom presents Shenghong characteristics
October 13-15, 2015, sponsored by the China Textile Industry Association of the 11th China International Textile yarn (Autumn) exhibition debut Shanghai Hongqiao new exhibition, National Exhibition Centre, and Intertextile China international textile fabrics and Accessories Fair (Autumn), pH value in China International Knitting (Autumn) Expo, chic China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (Autumn) over the same period with Co Exhibition, exhibition four linkage, filling the textile industry chain downstream interaction strengths, continued to build the from yarn, fabrics and garments of service in the whole industry chain of the textile industry professional event. Sheng Hong group once again with the two major textile industry unveiled the four major exhibition, the perfect showing the characteristics of Sheng hong.

It is understood that "four linkage Exhibition" is committed to build services in the integrated platform for the whole industry chain, and the new form of extended exposition services, helping the participating enterprises and professional audience in trade negotiations, channel development, publishing trend, international cooperation and capital docking to create a high quality of communication, the trade show and fashion show. The Sheng Hong printing and dyeing, chemical fiber textile plate joint exhibition, the main push of the company's R & D fine varieties and the characteristics of the new, Eugen yarn rotten flower series, jacquard series elastic, silk series, extinction, cationic series, color yarn series products further towards customer market, play Sheng Hong popular new dominant position.


In the first half of this year, by 2015 China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition and other four exhibition in Shanghai Liaison Office, and in the second half of the year, autumn and winter two theme echoed become a year in the textile industry of fashion trends released two serial ports, both in different seasons, textile products popular different definitions, allow enterprises to effectively grasp the particularity of seasonal products and targeted, Cheng Hong for many years has been successfully with the help of the platform of external promotion of their products, and again and again by the outside world from. It is reported that 2016yarnexpo spring and summer yarn exhibition will on 16-18 March 2016 to held in the National Convention Center (Shanghai), then joined China international textile fabrics and Accessories Fair (spring and summer), China International Knitting (spring) Expo, China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (spring), China International Home Textiles and Accessories Fair (spring and summer), the exhibition of five liaison office, at the same time and the same hall to carry out, let a person look forward to.