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Group held "Thanksgiving often in her mother's" Festival
Warm May day love the mother's Day
Growing every child, all is the embodiment of mothers to work hard. Especially outside work from home, always is most concerned about the mother's heart. As thanksgiving culture advocates and practitioners, Sheng Hong on family Thanksgiving feedback at the same time, advocacy staff loveselfless dedication, but also to be good at expression. In this year's mother's Day approaching, Sheng Hong launched special group anniversary activities of "Thanksgiving, often in the mother's mother's day to send a blessing" and activities, so that more people have the opportunity to mother sent thatreturning.


As the saying goes "the mother line, wandering onto clothing.Carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends, dreading the delays that will keep him late from home. In May 11th, theChinese year, dear mood most of the time. In order to let in awanderer, talk to your heart already a long time of mother's blessing, the group began preparations for mother's DayThanksgiving feedback activities from the early April, received a mother's Day envelopes from the company of the plate 1192 employees during the.

In this 1192 envelopes, each staff carefully attached himself inShenghong work or life photos, and left a string of affectionleisurely text in behind the photos, they used the pictures inthe home of the mother to send blessings send peace of mind.Some employees in the letter wrote movingly "mother, you aremy heart, you have my education, I thought that was not, nowshort into a sentence: Mom, I love you!" Thousands and thousands of words, "Mom, do not know how to express, neverfor you wrote what, nor give what you said, such as the mother,blink your daughter grew up, my mother's hair is a little white,your years bear bitter hardships raise my adult, mom, you worked hard, I hope my mother every day happy!" A letter full of staff sincere heart letter, though brief, it condenses andkindness in the world the most advanced of the sea. For thoseoutside all year around, for home, home is not easy to addthem to the home of hope, the mother's care. But this mother's day to send blessings activities provides a platform for the exchange of staff with the mother, not only give them a chance to say I miss mother, and let them go to distant family ablessing.

In May 4th, the group will contain 1192 Shenghong employeesof mother love love parcel delivery, to the north of Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia Heiji Liao, West, South to the Yunnan GuizhouSichuan East Linjiang, Zhejiang and Anhui, sent to the regional coverage throughout the country. Many families of employeesreceive the parcel in succession to the company calls thanks.Compared with the previous year's mother's Day activities, themother's Day activities, especially the addition of the feedback link, strengthen the activities of follow up late. Came 17 days on May 11th launched the plate department, workshop leaderto the families of employees to visit, to confirm the parcel isreceived, and inform the other children in the performance ofthe company, the formation of feedback. Not only the timely and effective understanding of the families of employees on the feedback activity, but the mother's Day activities meaninginto the employees to.

Gratitude is the Sheng Hong enterprise culture into the employees to pursue and promote the life of the. As the enterprise, not only to provide employees with a good technical and professional environment, but also let them in on the postat the same time, learn to be grateful. Within the enterprise,perform a good employee responsibility, enterprises, do not forget the parenting kindness.