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Suzhou City Finance Bureau Chief Wu Wei and his party visited the Sheng Hong
In March 17th, Suzhou City Finance Bureau Chief Wu Wei line rate, the financial sector, district to group visits, carry out the mass line of the party education practice, in-depth understanding of business forum in recent years the group production and operation status, and to listen to employees on behalf of voice, consulting enterprise, staff of the Bureau of finance work opinions, suggestions, in order to solve the actual the problem of employees, give advice and suggestions. Assistant to the president, general manager of the group of operation management, Gu Donghua company leaders attended the forum.
At the forum, Gu Donghua first company development and production situation report. After understanding the group whole operation situation, Wu Wei heard from the company production line, human resources departments of different staff representative opinions, suggestions. Each representative posts, centering on the life problems, practical work, to the finance department for guidance and solutions.
In face to face communication process, Wu Wei carefully listen and note, she said frankly, Sheng Hong as a large companies with more than 30000 employees, a huge talent, regardless of the business or economic development they have made indelible contribution, the government concerned about the staff's survival and development, pay more attention to the main force they play in economic development; she says, bureau of finance is the bridge between the government and enterprise, next, finance service and care to further improve the enterprise, resources, financial policy support, at the same time to feedback the needs of enterprises, enterprise development and staff to solve difficulties, talent policy, help enterprises to retain talent.